Posted on March 20th, 2013

A Night In With Friends, even alone always connected.

As part of my university course studying digital media design I was asked to create an image of a contemporary youth. There are many aspects of youth life that I could have focused on but if I am honest they have been done to death. For me the thing that stands out about youth today is how they are always connected even when alone they are always online talking to friends. My idea was to create a David Hobby style image of a youth sat in bed on Facebook on a laptop.

The Idea

Even alone always connected, This image shows the changing relationships between teenagers as there lives become more dependant on socal media


A Night In With Friends, even alone always connected.


My lighting setup

I used all artificial studio lighting, I used 2 studio strobes in large soft boxes as fill light and artificial Ambient light to allow me to have more control than standard lights. Next I used a Speedlight laying on the laptop keys pointing to a white bounce card over the screen. This reflects what looks like a laptop glow into the models face with a shadow on the wall behind.


What do I think?

I really enjoyed taking this image and experimenting with the flash setups and really think people should give it a go. Also go and check out David Hobby, his work and blog.



Outstanding composition and title: Excellent Work!

Comment By Sydney Harter

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