Posted on May 20th, 2013

Home-Made Softbox

Home-Made Softbox

think all photographers need to have an inventive attitude and the ability to create solutions to any problem. I have always liked making things and I am sure you will discover just how much as I develop this blog. Anyway my Uni room is small, like really small and setting up big studio equipment for little photos is a little pointless in such a small space.


I am really happy about how this turned out and it works well as a quick light modifier when working in small spaces. Hope this helps anyone who was looking to make a softbox and please comment and link me some photos of your examples.What I wanted was a small softbox for a speedlight that I could use for small product shoots. I decided I would use the same card as my Camera Obscura as it was dense and has a white side. This would be ideal for the softbox as it would reflect all usable light. I cut the card into 4 parts to make each side of my softbox and joined them using cable ties like little stiches. I them taped the joints using gaffa tape to remove light leeks. At the bottom of my softbox I left a whole that the head of my SB-900 would fit into. As a diffuser panel I used white cotton and added hooks to each corner so I could clip it to the front of my softbox. The whole product only took about an hour.


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