Posted on April 29th, 2013

Coronet Ambassador

When I see a vintage cameralike this for only £4 I could not help but buy it. The Coronet Ambassador was created in England around 1955 and is made from metal and Bakelite. It shoots on 120 film and uses a fixed focus and small aperture to create a focus image. The only controls are a normal of bulb mode for the shutter and a green filter to enhance black and white photos.  I am yet to test this with film but when I do I will show you my results. This is the camera that inspired me to create a Camera Obscura and even if I never use it in anger it just nice owning a little of photography history.
One thing I did try was adding a digital sensor to this camera and using it like a Camera Obscura the results were interesting but need fine tuning.

Digital Back Test


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