Posted on April 29th, 2015

Hobby Craft A1 Foam Core for Studio Backgrounds & reflector

Had what feels like the longest week ever but over the weekend managed to make it to Hobby Craft that’s always good for anyone creative. While there I picked up some A1 sheets of Foam Core board that I am using for product shot backgrounds. I also picked up a bit that is reflective silver on one side and white one the other that makes for a perfect bounce card reflector for the studio, they also sell a gold one. Being rigid also makes it easy for a model to hold it when shooting clamshell light portraits. All in all well worth the trip, here are 3 photos I took to test my backdrops out.


If you are new to using reflectors you really need to have a go, as manipulating natural light is a cheap and easy way to improve your photos and learn the basics of light. There is also nothing wrong with cheaper reflectors like this one. 43″ Collapsible Disc Reflector for Studio or On-Site Use




I use reflectors like this all the time and having zip on Silver, gold, white and black panels make it perfect for most situations. A transparent centre also makes it an easy flash diffuser when other options are unavailable.



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