Posted on August 5th, 2015

First images from my Zenit

I grew up in an interesting time for photography. Being an early 90s baby I am one of the last generation whos baby and childhood photos were shot on film threw necessity. Digital photography grew up with me and I watched digital become the standard format. As a child I shot some film on my dads camera and particularly remember taking disposable cameras on trips and to scout camp but by the time I was ready to begin my own photography the world had gone digital. This makes my generation of photographer the first to be in a situation where we can turn pro having never seriously shot film. This has given a few old school photographer some strange kind of bragging rights and I’m sure many digital only photographers have heard “you would have never survived in the good old days of film” or remarks about our use of the LCD or clever light metering systems. Now I do not wish to gripe about this as the large majority of photographers are only to happy to help and I see this more as a challenge as I wish to see for myself if I really do rely on my technology to much.

I started with a long shopping list as I required a camera, film and all the darkroom equipment I required to develop and print my images. While searching the stalls at the war a peace show I came across a Zenit TTL so this would become the first camera I used for my adventures into film. I was surprised with how quickly I became comfortable with the camera however I found myself eyeball metering over the crewed TTL systerm. With an untested camera, film and cemicals the odds seemed to be stacked against me however amazingly as I unrolled the film from the developing tank I was amazed to see a full 24 images correctly exposed and in focus. Only one of the images was unusable due to motion blur and another image had the subjects eyes closed. I am still yet to print the images using the enlarger where I hope to learn to dodge, burn and mask so for my first attempt I decided to digitize the negatives using an old dslr. The quality is somewhat lost in the prosess but here are some of my first unedited shots. 

_DSC0163 _DSC0161 _DSC0107 _DSC0180 _DSC0164 _DSC0167
If anyone is interested in the equipment and techniques I used to prosess the film I will create a full post on the steps I took.

Alex Andrews

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