Posted on April 27th, 2015

Larry And Betsy Wedding, Cape Cod America

Recently my brother got married on Cape Cod in the US, they had an official photographer, Erik Kruthoff but I could not resist taking my camera and getting some extra images. We arrived on the cape and met Betsy’s family.


Wedding (83)

My little brother talking to Betsy’s mother.

We stayed at the The Parsonage Inn and the breakfasts were amazing. This is a kind of savoy bread pudding with broccoli in.


Coming from a sailing family we went out for a sail before the wedding day, Betsy’s father looked very at home on the water.

Wedding (82)

My father and brother Larry the groom.

Wedding (68)

Betsy and her father. I love the connection between them both on this images it is just a shame Toms eyes are closed. The light was a real pain as well, so harsh.

Wedding (69) 

Then for the wedding, did the usual getting ready stuff and met Erik but found some time to get some of my own photos.

Wedding (58)

Larry’s watch looking insane.

It was hot! but it did mean I was able to catch some fun shots of people trying to cool down.

Wedding (40)  Wedding (41)

We then did some photos with Erik and it was time to open the booze.

Wedding (42)

I was busy for the ceremony itself so had to pick the camera back up after.

My new sister coming out of the church.

Wedding (33)

and another outside of Larry, Betsy and my mother.

Wedding (30)

This is actually one of my favourite photos. 

for some reason my little brother thought he was James Bond in his suit.

Wedding (36)

Larry and Betsy decided they didn’t want a wedding car.. instead Betsy drove her dads pick-up truck, so American.

Wedding (28)

We then went to the sailing club for the reception and photos. My image of Erik taking the official photos

Wedding (24)

My little brother still thinks he is bond.

Wedding (23)

Inside the venue with Larry, his best man and Jade.


  The reception was difficult for photos, partly because of the very low light and mainly because of my inebriation thanks to this hero with the Jack.


Betsy mixing with the crowd. Also for people looking to shoot weddings, don’t be afraid to bump up that ISO and receptions often look better in black and white.

Wedding (18)     

For me it was awesome to meet Erik the photographer and even he was able to let his hair down a little.


Finally its never long before I gravitate towards the toy cars were I met this guy.

Wedding (13)

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